Sunday, June 16, 2013

Taptotalk testing day one mild frustration and starting over

Okay so today was ,y first day testing the tap to talk. I was very excited when they day started! I couldn't wait to get started. However today has been a but frustrating for me. When I started up my tap to talk and started using it I realized I had a few issues. The first issue was that when I started to use the app I realized that I had forgotten to save something's when creating the albums so some albums didn't have speech to them or had the speech all mixed up and wrong. Something I will need to fix today.the second was that all my apps were for one sided conversation. I wan I need. So I ended up supplementing with a separate app most of the day.. I will have to go and create new albums . I suspect I will have to create an album for each person I may interact with and places I may go with pre scripted questions. I also ended up talking by need yesterday so I will start over fresh today and Ladd an exra day to my testing period   On the plus side nim and I got to go for a very lovely walk together and have some nice relaxing  muddy and watery fun! Nothing  cheers you up quite like a hike in the woods!!!!!

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