Saturday, June 29, 2013

being heard in public and batteriy drain and keeping a charge

     how is everyone? I just wanted to give a quick update and share with you some of the challanges of relying on an AAC app for communication. one of the challenges i have been running into is being heard. it seems neither the ipad nor the phone speaker are quite loud enough to be heard while out and about. either outside or in stores. this of coarse shouldn't come as much of a shock when you think about it people generally have to speak louder when outside their homes in order to be heard. to deal with  this issue i have gotten my bluetooth speaker. this seems to be working quite nicely now. however this comes with its own challenges. i need to remember to charge it. 
    in fact on of the major down sides to relying on the cell or an ipad for communication other then being easly drowned out by sound is the charge. you need to fully charge these deceives at night and charge them when not in use as the AAC will drain the battery. generally i still get nearly a full days use of my AAC without charging during the day but i will be almost out of battery by 8 pm and need a charge so if i am planning on going out i will need to charge while at home. it is also wise to plan to pack chargers and car chargers when going out just encase you end up out later then expected. I plan to post a blog with photos of my  gear soon. For now I wish you all a good night  im off to sleep.

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