AAC acceptance and Awareness images

These are Images I created to promote AAC Awareness and Acceptance, please feel free to share! if you have a request for one or an edit please put it in the comments section, sorry for my typos.

Everyone has a right to preferred method of communication! no matter what their perceived intellectual, physical, ¨mental age¨ or verbal capabilities are!

Everyone has a right to communicate, everyone has the right to AAC access!
Types of AAC Sign language, pictures, hand writting, letter boards, text to speech devices, comprehensive AAC apps, social media and blogs can also be a form of AAC

who should have acces to AAC? Anyone with a disability that limits or impairs communication for any reason or for any amount of time,  Anyone with a disability preffers AAS as a method of communication and for who AAC is more effective or preferred to verbal seech

when is it ok to take AAC away from someone? NEVER!! it is never ok to take AAC away from anyone for any reason

at what level of speech should we stop considering allowing AAC? at NO level of speech should access to AAC ever be denied to an individual!

When should AAC be made available? At all times! AAC should be available at all times for someone who uses AAC

When is it to early to start teaching and using AAC? in the womb, other then that it is never to early but I wouldn't expect much before the age of 4 months (but could start modeling it for them)

Won't using AAC delay or prevent speech? No infact studdies have shown AAC use and proper teaching and modeling AAC actually help promote and develop speech in many individuals

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