Thursday, May 23, 2013

First post on TaptoTalk set up

      as you may know I will be doing my first testing session on an app known at TaptoTalk. Since my testing period had to be delayed due to medical issues I will have more time to set it up and get it ready for testing.  I plan to add a video demonstration of this soon..

    Tap to talk is an app you can purchase for free on the Ipaad, tablet, iPod touch, IPad mini kindle and androids/smart phones.  However the free app is very basic it comes with  a few basic starter albums with a pre recorded male voice. How ever you ca also download a few other free albums. Male starter, female starter, chicest, numbers and help me. Just to name a few. They also have learning albums for things such as learning arcs numbers and reading. These free albums are also available in Spanish.

In order to customize the app you will have to buy a subscription. You can  buy a one year which $99.95 or a life time which costs. $179.95 so round that up to 100 for. Year and 200 for a life time. They also have packages available for  agency's and pro for 2 or more children.

Once your Oder is complete and your account is set up you will receive an email with your log in information 

At first setting up the albums can be intimidating. It is a good Idea to use the start as a basic template  . I plan to be adding a video on editing the albums but for now here are some photos of what task to talk designer looks like,  as you will see I have already started making albums. Minutes below is a pictorial guide on album set up using the iPad. The one down side is the album set up needs to be done via the web and currently can not be done in app.


Start with going to

Click save as new page to make a sub album

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