Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lighting it up blue hurts Autistics! Wear Red instead and hangmulticolored light too!


        This year I will not light it up blue, I will not wear blue
Please join me don't wear blue don't light it up blue wear red and hand multicolored lights instead!!!
What's wrong with blue?

          To starts off Autism is a vast spectrum, no to individuals are the same, symptoms And the severity of the symptoms are different for everyone on the spectrum and even this is a bit fluid for autistics.  A single blue light is very one sided one view,
Light it up blue and wearing blue was started by autism speaks. autism speaks is at the center of a major boycott and is the only charity continually challenged by the people they claim to represent and there is a very good reason for it!

         Autism speaks has several MAJOR issues that can not be ignored! From irresponsible  spendings where only 8 percent goes back into the community in the form of services and 43 percent going into research that does NOTHING to help autistics and is generally geared towards things such as prevention and prenatal testing which would enable parents to choose if they want to abort the child based off of a prenatal test,  (this is based off of their 2011 tax form because in their 2013 tax form they merged "awareness, such as adds and self advertisement with "family services making calculations  very difficult)

        This means Autism Speaks is actually TAKING money out of the community that could be going towards providing much needed supports and service

        What maybe even worse then taking much needed funding for resources out of the community
Autism speaks uses fear and demonizes autism to get donations, Awareness is important but it is no good when it is done through creating fear, pity and stigma and light it up blue is their national awareness campaign and is nothing more then a thinly veiled self advertisement and I simply can't support autism speaks!
I refuse to support an organization that tells the world that I and others with my disability are

 A Crisis
Tragedies and
Ruining our families lives

            If any other charity said this about any other minority there would be national outrage! What if this was how  national female, Hispanic, black,  pagan, Muslim or christian groups spoke of the people in their ranks? What if they went even further and had none of those individuals in their actual organization and refused them a voice? What if they garnered pity for family members who killed these individuals sighting that person's gender, orientation or religion as being so hard and burdensome their deaths were understandable and even acceptable? That what Autism speaks does, when you support Autism speaks this is what you are supporting!

            So I will not light it up blue, I will not support autism speaks and I will not help spread an awareness that at its core harms Autistics!

            Instead I am going to promote Acceptance and understanding by wearing instead and hanging multicolored lights for Autism Acceptance and by participating in events created by Autistics!

            That's what we really need acceptance, supports and understanding so please join me in raising the voices of my fellow Autistics, promote acceptance wear red instead and hang up some multicolored lights and shine a light for acceptance of the entire spectrum!
                                             Thank you!!!

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  1. Thank you for your helpful words.
    As parents that are "new on the scene", (our nearly three year old son was diagnosed a couple of months ago), this is exactly the sort of thing we need to know.
    We are also very interested in your testing of apps. This is something we are looking into. Perry loves the iphone that we have given him (no sim card) so we will be checking back often.
    Thank you.
    Cheers, Al.

    1. Hi, thank you I am very glad you found this helpful! Thank you for reading and understanding!!! I do app testing as I have time, I have been planning on finishing a review I have been working on for a year now and then reviewing other apps I use daily, if your looking to get an AAC app I can't suggest getting a comprehensive AAC app.for my daily communication I use proloquo2go, I have serveal non communication apps I use daily too im really excited about a new calander app I will likely be reviewing in a few weeks.