Tuesday, March 31, 2015

very late and Devistationg upate : We had said good byr to Nim

Hi Everyone,
I have a devastating Announcement, I have been holding off on making it here because I had already made it a few times in other places to friends and family and it has just been to hard to post about again and I honestly did not remember and when I did remember I did not have the strength  to repeat this announcement until now,  Nim , my beloved retired service dog, has passed away, she died feb 20th around 6 o'clock. on Saturday feb 14th nim had 2 grandma seizures in her sleep. but was mostly back to normal the next day,  Until tuesday night when suddenly nim started getting sick.  a trip to the ER vet and we tried using pepcid to deal with what seemed to be nausea, but as the night went on nim became confused and wandering aimlessly alert but confused.  Thursday Nim seemed better though she was getting stuck in corners (a lot) and walking dazed often in circles She also would fall every once and a while. we had family come visit her on Thursday night and she didn't seem to recognize them and responded to them by barking but eventually realized who they were.  Friday she lost all ability to stand, she didn't seem to be able to respond when her loved ones entered the room. We were very blessed to have close friends and family who could make it come with us, and a few who got there shortly after, Nim did not die alone she was in the arms of my friend Ca , my fiancĂ© and in my arms as she passed, she was surrounded by love and he last memory was being surrounded by people who loved her.  I can't begin to express how much i miss her or how much i am hurting. Nothing is the same anymore, everything feels off and wrong and I just cant even really express it right now.  i don't even know how to end this post but to say Nim was my first dog and my first service dog, she meant everything to me ans still does she will always be missed greatly and she will always be my baby girl/

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