Monday, April 13, 2015



Both exciting and horrible, I love and hate wind

Wind is an all encompassing sensory experience , in the wind I loose sense of direction and I become confused, in the wind I can loose balance and all sense of where I am, walking into the wind is disorienting and blinding  sometimes blowing sand and dirt in my face or what ever else it has picked up but the wind at my back sends my hair to blind me.. Push or pull, left or right wind is overwhelming

It takes up leaves branches and sand dragging them along, suddenly a loud clashing as a metal can clangs along pushed on by the wind as the leaves scratch on the ground and a rustle in the trees as branches sway,Dirt blows into my face a thousand tiny pieces hit me at once as I close my eyes,  wind can hurt , wind is loud wind can mess up my entire sensory system, sending me spinning Into sensory overload

I can't figure out where I am the wind disorients me. A simple walk a path I know for even but a short distance can confuse me in the wind and I might be thrown off track and lost in the wind.

But wind is awesome, wind is amazing, from inside, except when it screams,  wind is powerful, from inside it is exciting to watch it blow things effortless around, sometimes in circles, I love big windstorms there is a sense of adventure to them you never know what will happen and so long as I stay inside I'm ok,

But still I love and hate the wind

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