Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The need for a better case for Ipads used as AAC

This is an updated version of my blog post "the perfect Ipad case" When I wrote that post this was the case I was using

Ipad have helped give many Autistics and individuals with many other disabilities a voice, but ipads are often very fragile and break easily as  result many of us but special cases to help protect our voices. over the years I have searched for the best ipad and while there are many great cases but there does not to be any cases with all the features many of us need. below are discussion of the 2 cases I have had with their pros and cons followed by a list of features for the most ideal Ipad case for an Ipad being used as an AAC device

As you can see it was a really nice case and had many great features to it.

1. It is very durable -it does a good job protecting my ipad mum the ever frequent accidental drops, falls,  bangs into walls and waps from the over excited Nimrodel's tail when I return home!

2.  It has a handle!!! - I absolutely love the handle feature to it!! I use the hand frequently and  ad you app an see I have also used the handle to add features to the case it didn't have.

3.  It is soft! -What you can't tell from this photo is that this case is actually a soft rubbery sort of material, (though the teeth marks on the handle might give a hint to that if you can see them!)   The soft material means it doesn't hurt as much when it bangs against my sides, it bounces off of hard surfaces realtivly easily and when it does it isn't very loud!  At night I hang my ipad up on a hook to charge and I do feel that the softer casing  makes this safer for the wall.

However it did have some very clear drawbacks for

.  the fist is a major drawback and by far the biggest is that it is not water proof. For e this is a feature that I really need. Using an ipad for communication as well as everyday basic living I need to be able to take out and use my ipad in the rain with out worrying about it getting ruined in the rain! A water proof ipad would also enabled me to hanging it up in the shower or be able to use it while spending time in the pool, fishing or any activity that may cause the ipad to come in contact with water.

2 it doesn't have a screen protector-while this can be bought at a store I do wish there was one a part of the case.

3  it doesn't boost the sound- this is another big one for me. Using the ipad for an AAC device means I need it to be able to be heard in public  so if the case could boost the sound (especially if it could do it significantly would be highly benificial!

A few months after writing this I got a new case, I got the Life proof case for my Ipad and I have really liked this case,

the plus

it is durable,
waterproof ( though I did have a life proof case leak on me twice so im looking into back up)
and holds up really well to being dropped

(a few of the down sides)

  1. no built in speaker (explained above)
  2. you have to buy the strap separately
  3. Flimsy strap attachment, the connectors for the strap are loops that are relatively easily broken ( I can go through them in 2 months or so, this is a pretty major down fall) *see images below*
  4. no built in screen protector (though my screen has held up well an glare resistant protective would be very useful and help reserve battery life)
  5. while i can use my head phones o have to use a wire adapter thing cant explain better but the headphones are prone to slip out
  6.  I have had a few leaks with past life proof cases especially with my phone but over all this isn't that common

The life proof strap attachment

    Another flaw with this case is the audiojack access, while it holds up well being able to use the audio jack require you use an adapter, that is an issue where the adapter is flimsy, as it screws into the case and is pretty much a cord that you plug your head phones into, this can get in the way and be easily broken, (see photos below) , ideally this could be fixed by making a water proof no cord based adapter, that seals the case but can remain inside the case with out risk of breaking or causing obstruction when positioning the case, 

    The normal port seal gasket thing a round lack pla skit thing with screw threads and a yellow gasket

    The poor gasket inside the case viewed from the inside of the case

    The cord adapter to be able to plug in the head phones mes  with a holder attached for the gasket

    The end of the adapter cord male plug in

    So what would be the perfect ipad case? (most important ones are highlighted)

    1.  MUST be FULLY water proof protect against being submerged at the deepest depth and longest time possible!
    2. be able to float
    3.  It MUST' be able to protect the ipad against, drops, falls, being thrown, stepped on and run over!
    4. Shock resistant,
    5.  Built-in high quality  Speaker with well Amplifies sound-  this is crucial when using the ipad as an AAC device! *This MUST also be waterproof) one of my biggest issues is the need to have an extra Bluetooth speaker that can be heard in large crowds this means i have extra weight to carry and adjust to ideally a case should have a speaker loud enough this is no an issue)
    6. Have a built in Screen protector  *ideally glare resistant*
    7.  Have a handle  and a good strap!
    8.  Should have a soft outside  (if possible  but the handle should defiantly be soft)
    9.  Light weight  
    10. Will NOT interfere with with wireless signal or blue-tooth
    11.  affordable!!!!! Seriously this shouldn't cost the same as a new ipad! Ideally this case won't cost more then $200
    12. Easy access to ports and have a way to use the ports and remain waterproof
    13. crush resistant/ crushproof 
    14. Has a stand and has mounts you can buy and use 
    15. MUST be available for Apple, Android, Kindel and other non apple Tablets phones and other AAC applicable proucts!
    16. Fire resistant
    17. Home screen protector , (it would be good the be able to block off the home screen button so it isn't accidentally hit and close out of app )
    18. Come in many different colors!!!!
    19. ideally the ability to have a softer outer case that can be bought as an attachments for easy gripping.
    20.  have a cover (otional)
    21. light weight
    22. Bonus points if it has some way to make charging iPad wireless possible (not sure it that's a thing)

    These are features that would be beneficial to many on the autism spectrum and using their iPads as aac devices or just as a general life organizational and maintenance tool.  It is crucial that these device be able to be used in a multitude of various environments and impacts. I pads are very expensive and when your ipad is your lifeline it really needs a case designed to handle everything life has to throw at it.. I really hope that someone could make this case and have it available to everyone! 


    1. The newer Air and Air 2 cases have optional straps, but those attachments are even flimsier than the old ones. =|

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    3. I agree. It's not totally waterproof, but have you seen the outdoor Ion Clipster? It should hold up to rain at least, and provide amplification.

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